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FV149 Nandaime Granada Location investment can be livestock, fertile land, maize, coffee, bananas, near a river, and a dairy cattle located in the same sector 7 35000
FV155 La Reforma Masaya House Type Quinta, farm, sub-urban area with all utilities available, cell phone coverage, nice area, quiet and wooded 4.5 45000
FV117 Catarina Masaya Access to water, telephone, solar panel 3.25 50000
FV191 San Ramon Matagalpa Agriculture and livestock farm, 20 mzs pastures, troughs of animals, house, pens, feeders, chutes, pools of immersion, house, reserve water pools, 2 springs, well with pump, height of 800-900 mosl, excellent access to road edges 40 90000
FV148 Jinotepe Carazo Located in area of agricultural development projects as well as animal husbandry and water supply, electric power supply, cell phone coverage, public transport. Has irregular polygon, variable slope, 60% flat, suitable for livestock and crops, 40% ground and sowing pasture and 60% is forest, cool and pleasant climate. The property is fenced on one side of the farm area has a natural channel, with possibilities of sound groundwater 15.93 100000
FV91 Granada Granada Urban, excellent view to mombacho Volcano, near to panamerican higtway, basic services available, varied vegetation and Reserve water tank 30 110000
FV147 Matagalpa Matagalpa Located at the edge of the road with 4 mzn coffee creek in the middle of the Located at the edge of the road with 4 mzn coffee creek in the middle of the property, 2 eyes of natural waters, mountains 10 to 12 MNZ, hilly terrain, hot and humid climate with an altitude of 800 to 820 m. This suited for ecotourism or packaged for planting crops that adapt to the altitude and climate 32.5 113750
FV170 Diriamba Carazo Quinta of 2 mzs, main house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 terraces, house keeper, gardens, fruit trees, 100 vrs River, located along the highway, 10 minutes from the Boquita And Casares 2 120000
FV89 Granada Granada Coast, Quinta de 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, with all the basic services, 4 corridors, water tank, secure and fenced 0.059 140000
FV116 EstelÝ EstelÝ Ideal for livestock and agriculture, has a dam with canal irrigation, the river EstelÝ passes through 50% of the property, house with corral, excellent location for international social project or agency 42 150000


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